This Is Me

I am a survivor of sexual, emotional, and spiritual abuse. I started attending Celebrate Recovery in April of 2018 because I wanted to be free of the whole host of coping mechanisms I had developed in order to hide from my pain and couldn’t stop doing on my own. I know. I tried. Father has been so faithful to me on this recovery journey and has freed me from so much. There are still deeper areas of pain that He lovingly brings to light one by one, and we are continuing to uproot the lies and false gods I have turned to for comfort. One day, I will be brave enough to share all that here.

What I have realized in recovery is that God created me to be whole. He wants to heal all my broken pieces so that I can fully be who He created me to be: a precious, victorious, beloved, beautiful daughter of the King of the universe, the Creator of everything. He loves me with an all-encompassing love that nothing I do or don’t do can ever change. And I want to share that truly magnificent news with everyone I meet.

There is healing from pain. There is hope for every struggle. And there is a Love that was broken so we could be whole. This is the raw reality of my journey.